Poetry by 

Cathy Hollister

A positive, encouraging collection of poems about life and aging.

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Beauty, always changing, present at every age...



Leaky and squishy, though burning too long

the scent of hot wax transports me

to intimate dinners, peaceful worship,

Christmas lights on the shortest day.


Slumped, bulging, silent,

soft wax flows free

past prime time when

appearance mattered


Persistent, glowing essence,

waxing on and on

holds to flickering dreams,



changing landscape.

No longer self-contained,

the quiet beauty scoffs at my need

to stay

in my stiff column of wax.

 from Seasoned Women, published by Poet's Choice

I Always Wash the Dishes Alone

Noise from the TV in the next room tries to reach me

but it shies away from the task at hand.

It doesn’t peek around the corner, lest it be asked

to dry, to stack, to scrape.


My secret hand spa is mine alone.


Warm water softens stiff joints,

made stiffer by the unpaid bill on the counter;

a worry for another day.


The soft swish, swish of the sponge

whisks away the clotted remains of snubbed vegetables

and gobbled mac & cheese.

The satisfying squeak of thumb on degreased china

fills my fairy bubble,

my armor of chores

where evenly spaced plates,

the good little children,

line up clean, stately,

and cater to my every wish to behave, stand still, and wait.


I’ll never tell how much I enjoy this.

 from Seasoned Women, published by Poet's Choice


Seasoned Women Discussion Questions

1   Read the poem Waxing. Have your thoughts about beauty changed as you grow older?

(Included here if you do not yet have the book)

2. Read the poem I Always Wash the Dishes Alone. Are there household chores that you find comforting? Why?

(Included here if you do not yet have the book)

3. Read the poem Nothing Wasted, Nothing Gained. Can you remember decisions or events from your youth that helped shape you as you grew older.

4. Read the poem Just A Slice. Are there certain tastes or scents that bring back memories of family gatherings?

5. Read the poem Two Facts. What do you find inspiring at the intersection of entrepreneurship and the arts?

6. Read the poem Resistance. Have you ever felt small and overcome by uncaring forces? How did you develop ‘skilled maneuvers’ to survive and thrive?

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